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Grow your sales and attract new customers with Giftme digital gift cards!

Our giftcard and loyalty solutions enable you to build meaningful connections with your customers by keeping them engaged and rewarding them for shopping with you!

About Giftme

The premiere choice for maximizing your digital sales and user retention!

Giftme is a platform for brick and mortar small and medium sized businesses(smes) that allows them to easily acquire, retain and upsell their customers through digital channels.

Our platform allows you to create branded gift card websites, easily keep track of your customer base and provides a convenient way for shoppers to utilize the various gift options your business provides!

How It Works

Getting started with Giftme is really simple!

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Create an Account

Start by registering with us by providing the requested details for account creation

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Setup Digital Gift Store

With your account you can customize your digital gift store to represent your business

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Create Gift Cards

Once your store is up reate and manage gift cards that can be redeemed at your business location(s)!


Publish & Promote!

When you're ready, publish your page on our network or get an embeded link for your website.

Digital Gift Cards

Create Gift cards that your customers will love!

Our platform allows you to create unique branded giftcards and provides you with the tools you'd need to promote your business, as well as a convenient way for shoppers to purchase popular gifting options for family and friends quickly and easily online!

Loyalty Programme

Maximize customer retention with Giftme Digital Loyalty!

With Giftme's Digital Loyalty Software, we make it easy to use and configure to allow you to maximize your customer retention!

You'll also be able to pinpoint slipping customers and provide them the extra nudge they'd need to stay loyal.

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Easily configure loyalty rules

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Track slipping customers

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Unique loyalty web page

Gift your business a boost in sales and customer retention with Giftme!

With our loyalty software and our giftcard programme, we’ll equip your business with the tools you’ll need to maximize your sales!