Giftme - Digital Loyalty

Maximize customer retention with Giftme Digital Loyalty!

Track slipping customers and customize your loyalty rules to maximize your sales and customer retention with Giftme’s Digital Loyalty Software!

How it Works

Seamlessly keep track of and reward loyal customers

Our digital loyalty and rewards software provides brick and mortar businesses a robust toolset to ensure that they are retaining loyal customers.

With our digital loyalty solution you can issue loyal customers points which they can redeem for goods and services within your business, and we provide you with the flexibility to easily manage and modify your reward rulesets!

SMS Campaigns

Send targeted messages to your customers!

Send promotional messages to all your customers and keep them excited.

You'll also be able to track and analyze individual message performance in one simple dashboard!

Customer Analytics

Easily pinpoint slipping customers with our enhanced analytics!

Target customers based on how many visits they have or if they are slipping away with your unique analytics dashoard.


Gift your business a boost in sales and customer retention with Giftme!

With our loyalty software and our giftcard programme, we’ll equip your business with the tools you’ll need to maximize your sales!